Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Thoughts

I am very much awake… Slept three hours this afternoon (talking about perks of being entrepreneur, but there is another story to that). Anyways, while bloghopping, I did visit some multiply sites and was surprise that a lot (as in!!) are using the site for online businesses.. Wow!! I’ve checked some sites, mostly fashion sites and honestly they are great! I listed some so I could check it again.. Oh, I haven’t tried buying online but if the items are really worth it.. I will definitely give it a try!


We only have 10 months, 2 weeks and 5 days to prepare.. as seen in my ticker countdown. Reality sinks in… I have so much to do.. Wish my mom is here in Manila to help me out.. But anyways will be back on track again.. Leo is busy with work too and he is having a hard time to accompany me with our suppliers searches and meetings .. That’s life! He has to work I know..


When I woke up this morning, I texted Leo of how I was feeling .. nope we didn’t have a fight.. I just thought that being an entrepreneur really entails a lot of hardwork, perseverance and sacrifices.. At times, you really feel down but of course you have a business to run and definitely you have to show enthusiasm… I know we are just new in this field and maybe I am expecting a lot now.. Though I keep on reminding myself that soon we will be reaping all our struggles and hardships. It’s just so funny that back then, I keep on telling myself that when I get married, I wanna have my own business so I could take care of my husband and kids.. But now, looking back… It is not easy as 1 2 3..

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sasha said...

Hi Andrea! Good luck on this endeavor that you've chosen. I am sure hardwork and perseverance can do a world of good to your business :)