Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Small Fights

I never imagined that Leo & I will fight on small things almost everyday.. And these petty quarrels is somehow contributing to my stress lately. One small and nonsense fight had led to our biggest quarrel. And somehow we both utter the word to “Stop the Wedding Preps”. If this is just normal to soon to wed couples, it isn’t healthy.

Friends had given us advices beforehand that it will be a test of our relationship once we decided to settle down and prepare for the big day. We’ve been together for five years and I believe that we have waited for the right time. And if this will become an issue, do you think we can survive being together for the years to come?? Nah..


Anonymous said...

i remember when we had our wedding preparations, we also had small fights! dami kase pressure from different people, in laws etc! keep your cool and remember that the wedding is just one day of your life, the relationship, ung marriage ang mas important..:)

Andrea Mella said...

hi sis.. sobrang true.. well, we are just starting right..