Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Over the years, a lot of things has changed.. And one of which is my weight.. Oh my.. I gained almost 20lbs for the last two years.

I have to admit that I am not conscious at first but then I did realize a lot of things.. One of course, is, I am having a hard time fitting my old dresses. Imagine just wearing those dresses one time? Quite expensive huh. Plus the fact that you cannot wear the lastest fashion in town esp now that summer is here--sleeveless, short shorts, mini skirts, and so on. In addition, I look smaller too.. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall and I felt that I look even shorter. Bad right?! Second, everytime I meet old acquaintances, they always say “what happened to you”...Very frustrating. It seems that I have catched a deadly virus or as simple as “how many kids do you have”.. To think that I havent tie the knot yet! Third, for health reasons. Being overweight can cause a lot of health problems. An example was, during my annual examination at SMC two years ago, I was diagnosed of having a high blood.. Took all the test and instead of giving me medications, the doctors just advice me to lose weight. Health is Wealth remember. And lastly, I wanna feel good about myself. Embrace my curves.

Honestly, this is really killing me.. If you’ll ask what would be my plans.. I would say a LOT.. And I guess one of which is to hit the sack early. The connection: I tend to eat more if I sleep late. I am an early riser (to my standards of course) so no matter how late I sleep, I still wake up early. Second is… to exercise, more cardio and eat really less.. Eat less, I could do this but the exercise, I need to exert more effort. And that’s the truth. Just imagine, mom bought me a yoga mat, which I haven’t use and to think that it was bought last year.. haha.. Plus I bought an exercise workout cd, used it and after that no follow ups. Such a waste… But now, I really need to do something.. I hate to make promises but this time I WILL and this means something to me.. I will do this for myself. And there is no better time but NOW!


Big Eyed Gal said...

Hi Andrea! Just doing some bloghopping. Anyway, can I just say that I have the same problem. When my friends see me, I just say that I'm 4 months pregnant even if I'm not just to avoid explaining my weight gain. LOL! :-)

Babette said...

Hello Andrea, u should try not to eat anything after 8pm. Kung gutom ka inom ka na lang ng madaming tubig. LOL Eat less rice also, it's hard at first kasi nga lahat ng pagkain natin kasama ang rice. Damihan mo na lang ng veggies to replace the rice. Impt. din ang exercise.Good luck!