Saturday, February 23, 2008

Opportunities Please

Yesterday, I emailed Blogsvertise since I haven’t received any task yet..

I know that my blog is still under probationary status, but it was stated in their email that I’ll be able to receive task as usual (at a lower rate of course). Anyways, to my delight, they replied and here it goes:

I just really hope that I could receive opportunities really soon.. Pray for me guys!!

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sasha said...

Alam mo Andrea, Blogsvertise has one of the most pleasant staff talaga. And when you email them about wanting tasks assigned to you, they will really keep you in mind. Ganyan gawain ko dati eh, tapos magugulat ako magbibigay sila 2-3 tasks agad :)

Hope you receive one soon. Happy weekend!