Monday, February 18, 2008

Wedding Updates

Not ours.. But did you know that we have attended three weddings already for this year! As they say.. suki na kami ni hubby.. Just a quick glimpse...

------Kenny & Cherry’s Wedding .. held last January 6, 2008. Kenny is my college barkada and well, it was the longest wedding we have attended. The ceremony started at 3pm, after which, they had a tea party, and reception followed at 8pm.. It was our first time to witness a Chinese wedding and yes we were amazed! Sumptuous meal too..

------EA & Rochelle’s Wedding.. held last January 26, 2008. My cousin’s wedding.. The first wedding in Barcelona-Acedera family. Leo and I had two rounds of buffet meal (sarap ng food!).. and all of us dance till we drop.. Twas a fun event.. A simple gathering but very memorable..

------Ted and Jon’s Wedding.. held last February 15, 2008.. Ted is one of Leo’s best bud in their neighborhood, who will be one of our bestman.. oh well, he got Leo too as his bestman.. Anyways, after the wedding, we all proceeded to one of the villas they rented in Fontana.. and there the BIG event happened.. played Pusoy and Poker until wee hours of the morning! And by the way, was the one who got the bouquet.

So who's next??! I know some who will get married also but not until I get an invitation. One is a grade school friend and the other one is my college kada too.. Twas a revelation indeed coz I don’t have any idea that this college kada of ours will get married soon as well… And how did I learn about it.. Well, I saw him and his fiancĂ©e in the bridal fair.. In all places.. I bet they are going to surprise us.. And one more thing, I didn’t saw them actually, he called me.. haha!!

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