Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Busy Week

Indeed! In fact, I only had time now to check up my mails and if there's any opps already (haay, wala pang approve na bid). Anyways, I got a lot of To Do List for my dad's birthday. Pardon me guys if I haven't posted your tags yet.. I need to do a lot of errands yesterday and today.

Anyways, just got back from Makati for my trial HMUA.. Almost everyone approved of my look. Sayang lang coz my phone's connector is nowhere to find. But if there will be a chance, I will post it here... hehe..

Yesterday, I started one of my to do list.. I wrapped almost 29 give aways for dad's bday celebration. I did ordered the cake also and did a little follow up to the venue and caterer. All invitations were given out already (oooppppsss... I need to remind my uncle regarding the venue). Whatelse,, oh my.. there are more errands..

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