Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Havaianas

I love them. I cant stop myself from buying a nice pair of Havaianas whenever I pass All Flip Flops. Just today I bought two pairs and another pair for my brother. Last week, I convinced honey to buy one instead of Nike.. hehe.. Good thing, my friend Leslie will be working in Brazil for 6 months and I already advised her to get me some stuffs. Siguro naman it’s less expensive there.. Cant wait. Have you noticed, flip flops or sandals or comfy slippers are more expensive nowadays rather than a working shoes or high-heeled stiletto? I, myself grabbed a pair of “crocs” for our Cebu-Bohol trip and the price is a whooping P2500.00. Whoala! But still I am happy with it. Anyways, Havaianas are still my first love!

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