Thursday, March 06, 2008

One Day Event

My two office-friend will finally tie the knot on January 2009. I don’t know yet the specific date since they opted to change it to give way for the guy’s relatives who will be on vacation until the 4th day of January.

Anyways, my girl friend is already bothered with all the changes. She has a specific church and venue already eversince they started the preparations but apparently they have to change it. And since they only have few more months to prepare, I’m pretty sure that she wanted to book some suppliers as soon as possible.

Somehow I could relate with her situation. But I guess ours was entirely different. We’ve booked our church and reception venue by April 2007 (our wedding is Dec 2008) and from there everything follows. I remember during February to March, Leo and I are having a hard time choosing the perfect venue. We have so many things to consider and one of which is our budget of course. That time, we haven’t spoken with our parents so in terms of financial aspect, we are left with little choices. But there was a time also that Leo’s sister requested if we could move our wedding on December 2007. We know for a fact that Leo’s parents will be leaving for US this 2008 and yes, it will incur additional expense for them to fly back by December 2008. I was in panic that time. Our venue was already fully booked by December, inquired other months but we cannot squeeze in. I even suggested for a change of venue until Leo said that we stick to our plan. And yes I am happy.

To sum it all, we planned for our wedding for almost two years. What’s good about it is we were able to lock out the prices and get the best suppliers as well. I have a no patience on research but yes, every supplier that we got are ALL my first choice. Of course, I owe it to Leo for always giving in but hey, I do ask his opinion too. Afterall, this is OUR wedding and first and foremost, we are the STARS here.


jane said...

hi there andrea! please link my other blog


Heidi said...

I guess you're already done with all the preparations for your wedding already even though there's still 9 months to go? Just remind your friend to enjoy the preparations as well as the day itself, weddings are quite hard to prepare for but the end product almost always exceed one's expectations...