Thursday, March 13, 2008

Online Billiards

Online billiard seems to be the craze nowadays. I played billiards way back my college days and I must admit that I miss this all about angles-mind game. Now that I’m working at home, I find it appealing to play the sport once again but on a different avenue, with the help of technology. Good thing, I found a site that could teach me online billiards. They have quick simple steps which I just followed - download the software, install it, and register an account. And I couldn't help but be anxious since the site offers a variety of games from billiard, snooker, and pool. I wonder which game to play first? The site also includes articles on how to win the game. I am now imagining earning big bucks from this. And why not, the support team is 24 hours available to answer all your queries. So, log on and picture out yourself playing on a 3D at the most largest billiard room.

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