Saturday, March 22, 2008

Travel Guide: Hotel Reservations

I am back from our Holy Week trip! I have to say that we were fortunate enough that we were able to find affordable hotel and resort few days before the Lenten Season. Vacation houses, resort beaches, and hotels are all fully booked at the time my mom and I were doing our homework. I just wished I was informed about for our travel needs a little bit earlier. This could have been a big help for us. Anyways, for our next holiday, I will definitely try booking on this site may it be through online or phone.

Categorically speaking, this is a one stop-shop. You can get the best deals on flights worldwide, huge hotel discounts, and vacation packages all together. Just imagine traveling in style by choosing your own itinerary or activity. I remembered when we were at the airport, my mom scouted for a reputable car service that we can rent to tour us in the city. I wonder how she negotiated for the price. It was a grueling experience and told us that next time everything should be reserved in advance. Same thing happens for our ferry tickets. We did not anticipate that some has placed there bookings ahead of time. We went back and forth at the port, begged if they can accommodate us or else our trip would be a mess. We were able to get tickets but it was so pricey. I guess we all learned our lesson here.

Next time, I would definitely rely on hotel reservations especially for our next break this coming April or May. There complete city guide will be my tool to search and plan for our next destination. I could simply call their 24-hour customer support or send them an email if ever I have doubts. Good news is all cards are accepted for payments.