Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Home Necessities

Our home is undergoing renovation since last week. My parent’s room was the first one to go through refurbish. So far, I could see the progress and if my calculations are right, before the end of April, the carpenters may possibly move to other rooms. A blessing also since my uncle (mom’s brother) is here to supervise the construction.

Last Sunday, I accompanied my mom to look for some stuffs in their room for a new look. We bought paints, door locks, cabinet handles, and so many more. My parent’s room color would be caramel and silver. Reason why she wanted to add sterling silver frames in their newly constructed computer table shelves. After all, it’s about time to display those memories rather than stack in a box.

But what keeps me thrilled, is our kitchen renovation. Mom could not stop too from dreaming in using her electric countertop gas range which we bought a year ago. Also, she plans of buying a new set of silver plated flatware and gold banded dinnerware in addition to her china plates collection. I just don’t know yet if she is decided to buy here or abroad since she has a scheduled trip this September in the US.

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