Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pasta Lovers

A must try for all Pasta Lovers..

I decided to give Honey a treat since he turned 30 last friday and share my earnings from blogging. We had a fine lunch at Cibo (our first time here) and tried their pasta (and other menu).. Well, it passed my taste buds.. Sarap sobra.. Imagine, Leo & I just share with the small size serving of their pasta.. So definitely I am hungry for more.. Next time ulit.. Though their menu is quite expensive for budget-conscious couple, I must say that once in a while it wont hurt to splurge on food!

Come dinner time, after 3 hours meeting with our florist.. We dine in at Fridays with the company of Jeff & Vlad, and Jeff's li'l sissy. Again, we ordered for another round of pasta and what can I say.. it was definitely delicious and yes, our big tummies were very much satisfied. Good food and great friends are perfect partners talaga!


kerslyn said...

wow, sarap naman...favorite din namin ni hubby ang pasta

t3ss4 said...

Hi there ^__^ musta na? it's been a long time really.

mmm... sounds delicious. sayang wala dito sa Davao.

hope all is well with you and your hubby ^__^

have a nice day :)