Thursday, May 08, 2008

So Sad:(

Lately, I've noticed that I havent received any opps from SR. Kainis! I just hope that SR will give me more opps this time. Is this something to do with my presence here?? Hmm... SR.. give me more opps please..


Nancy said...

Hello here Andrea..I'm hopping back here...hope everything is fine with you. you take care and have a great weekend to you..don't worry bout SR opps..di ka nag -iisa, gurl :-)

stay happy and safe!

sasha said...

Naku sis, don't expect too much from SR. Mukhang may kakaiba sila sa system nila ngaun eh. Ako nga I haven't received opps for a couple of weeks na. Whereas before I earn a lot from them talaga. There are days na 10 ang due ko, or more than that. Ngaun... none!