Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Attendants at al...

Pardon me with the late postings.. Like what I have mentioned in my previous post, my attendants had their measurements last Saturday. Though three, i mean two peeps weren't able to make it.. my MOH (Matron Of Honor) Irene and Bridesmaid cousin Ada (who is in Australia for World Youth Day), still everything went smoothly. Tet, my couturier is such a blessing. Though we already have previous designs, she still checks if that particular dress fits my attendants.. I am excited!

Anyway, I was in a bad mood as well .. Read my post ... three, i mean two... All of a sudden, my so-called secondary sponsor called me up and said, "Tired na ako.. Galing pa akong Sucat.. Next time na lang ako".. Okay.. The scenario is I informed them two weeks prior to this date to know also if my attendants are available. And of course, I have to adjust as well since the fitting would be on a Saturday, my shift ends at 8 am.. And the time set was at 10am.. So you see.. I, too had some sacrifices.. Since I am a certified maldita (accdg to h2b), I really put down the phone because I am so "bad trip". I know it's rude but hello... So she texted me and said that I hope I understand the situation and wished that I did not put down the phone. So I replied.. " You confirmed right!". So she texted again and this is the most hated part : "Galing pa akong work and once a week lang me umuuwi.. Hope you understand.. I can go to your designer place or you can find a replacement". Haaay... so what do you think! I never said that I will find a replacement and do you think that she'll have time to go in Pasig (couturier's place), Sucat is much nearer in Makati.. I talked to h2b and he said, well.. maybe she's not interested! Viola.. That's it.. So I decided to replace her na lang.. H2b is right! Never heard.. Andrea, I am sorry..

Here's another drama.. MOH Irene wasnt able to come as well. For some reasons which I do not bother to ask. When I called her Saturday morning around 1130 am (sya na lang hinihintay) coz she confirmed (and also advised me that she'll be in our place at Friday night -- reason why I went to Makati even though I don't have enough sleep yet). So when I called her on the nth time, she answered .. drey, just woke up.. Sorry!! I didnt utter any word.. Instead I just listen to her saying more than 10 times, I am sorry. I just said okay and when she asked if I am mad, I said yes!

Come Monday, I texted her and said that I'll be sending the measurement guide so she won't go to Pasig (she lives in Laguna). She asked me if I am mad .. and I said that I am quite disappointed.. Said my reasons and told her that it's over.. At least I vent out my feelings.... Thus, she doesn't need to worry coz she' s still my MOH.

I know I can be crazy at times but honestly, I am not expecting too much from my attendants.. first is.. we are geographically apart, and second.. they, too, are busy with work. My only expectation is.. just need them to cooperate with the measurements and fittings.. after all, I want them to look good too!


Gracie said...

hi drea!
i'm so sorry to hear about all the glitches with your wedding preps. i just hope na sana ngayon na lahat ng glitches, not on your big day.
just holler if you need any help, ok?

Gracie said...

i hear you gurl. don't worry, everything will work out din. don't stress yourself too much though. just focus on what's important. minsan kse we can't ask too much from them, lalo na because we're only asking them a favor. keep your cool, ok? basta you know where to reach me if you need any help. i may be away from you, but maybe there's something i can do to lighten your burden. or just to cheer you up, ano bang gusto mong gift for the wedding? PM ko sayo budget namin so you can choose within that range, ok? mwah!!