Friday, August 08, 2008

Diet & Health Tips

I find this new task assignment very interesting.. My client who is based in UK is sending out on a regular basis newsletters for his clients regarding health and diet tips as well as fitness routines. Since I am on the verge of really losing weight for my big day, this has caught my attention and would like to share with everyone...

"To optimally preserve your lean body mass while losing weight it is extremely important to consume some type of lean protein at every meal.

Protein is a great nutrient to prevent you from overeating because it will fill you up quicker.

It is also another nutrient that is energy costly which means it takes more calories to digest and utilize protein than it does a carbohydrate.

For example did you know that it takes about 27 calories to digest 100 calories of lean protein. It only takes about 7 calories to digest 100 calories of carbohydrates.

This Thermic Effect of Food as it is called is crucial for successful weight loss.

To ensure that you are consuming enough lean protein to maximize your Thermic Effect follow this tip.

Determine your bodyweight in pounds and eat an equal amount of lean protein in grams. So if you weigh 145 pounds you would consume 145 grams of protein per day. This should be broken up into 4-6 meals throughout the day.

By eating lean protein at every feeding opportunity and eating 5-6 times a day will ensure a fast metabolism and maximum calories burned. "

Promise to share more of this next time...

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