Friday, October 17, 2008

Looking For A Second Job?

Now that US is experiencing recession, let us admit that yes everybody is affected. In fact, it has a big blow in our economy since some of our Overseas Filipino Workers opted to go home. What a bad timing isn’t it, especially that Christmas is almost near.

Last night, I had a chance to chat with my friend’s sister who is based in California. She told me that she is now preparing to take online classes for medical assistant. Though there are medical assistant schools to choose from over the net, she would like at least to decide the finest school and has most of hospital accreditations. And of course, she needs to take into account the fees too. Good thing about this is she is not losing hope and even looking at the positive side of life. In fact, she is even grateful cause having a degree in medical assistance could even bring her to different places. And why not?

I just wonder if my future mother and father-in-laws are considering medical assistant as their second job in the US. Since they are based in Iowa, I am pretty sure that only a few people are taking lessons on this. I’ll try to check out with my husband-to-be about their other plans.

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romantic princess said...

tama ka gurl, dami ngayon nawawalan ng job becoz of that recession in US. some of our friends working in US are now worried that one of these days eh bigla din sila mawalan ng work, but luckily wala pa nmn daw natatanggal sa kanila.. hoping.

we really dont know how stable our job can be kya nga mas ok din may mga back up plans tyo aside from that, say for example, business.