Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Perfect Gift

I couldn’t remember the last debut I have attended. But every time I attended one, I always remember the fond memories I had during those days. It was fun, memorable and the best gift I have ever received.

Anyways, this coming Saturday, my cousin will be turning 18. Nothing grand actually but since it’s her bid to childhood, we urge my aunt to celebrate it with a little frills. After all, she is the first born! So now I am in search of a gift that she could actually call her own. Leo suggested of giving something precious and I thought of a gem. But since my budget is low, I have to think of something that would not cost big bucks but at the same time something elegant or timeless.

I’ve been searching the web for a nice gift until I couldn’t resist looking at a certain piece of jewelry, Sterling Silver Bracelets. It is somehow similar to the gift that my brother gave me few years back that until now I kept and cherished. How I love the style and perfect for my cousin’s age. Anyways, I also found to my delight Silver Bangles, which I am fond of wearing now. Can I request it for a birthday gift?

For others, they may have qualms on wearing Sterling Silver Jewelry but I don’t really mind at all. Aside from it is really safe and practical to wear, there are great pieces out there that you can truly preserve and pass on from generations to generations. Of course you need to know the basics of cleaning and caring too. For now, I need to widen my search for the perfect silver jewelry for my cousin’s birthday. I know she will truly appreciate it and this can be a start of a collection.

1 comment:

romantic princess said...

ive collected silver jewelries when i was in my college days
nice but now allergic na ko sa kahit anong jewelries.

but silver is better than gold kc hindi mo ikakamatay hehehe