Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Short Trip to Caramoan Island

In my previous post, we were supposed to visit Caramoan Island this coming Holy Week. But plans were postponed since the husband and I will accompany my parents for a grand vacation instead.

Lucky for us, my hubby’s aunt and her hubby went on vacationing here in Manila and invited us (together with Kuya’s family) to go with them to Caramoan. It was a long trip for us (took us 12 hours), given that we took the bus going to Naga, then a van going to Sabang port, and a boat ride to Caramoan town.

But if you’ll ask me if everything was worth it.. the answer is YES YES YES!

Knowing that the breeze of the ocean makes your inner senses calm especially with all the stresses here in Manila. It was definitely a retreat for me and hubby. I even told the husband that I can live in that island as long as we have our own house, a yacht, and an internet connection… ahahaha.. silly me… But hey, it is one of the short trips I enjoyed and I am looking forward to visit Caramoan island once more, this time with a company of good friends.


E-Tavasi said...

Nice trip :D

Kerslyn said...

wow, nice place sis! same with me, I could live in the island BUT i should have internet connection.*lol* it's nice that you had a great time away from the city life.