Monday, June 22, 2009


It's been a long time since my last entry. Sowee guys.

As my usual excuse, I become very busy with work (thank you Lord), house chores (hmp!), OB check ups (yes.. I am seeing one now in preparation), my diet (my biggest dilemma), house renovation ( wakas), time with hubby (of cors) and a lot more commitments.

Well, I dunno where to start but let me say that I am looking forward for a great week again.

To start off, let me greet everyone a post "Happy Father's Day".

We had a simple celebration in the house (my parent's house) then my mom and I watched Changeling and I fell asleep (hahaha) and hubby too.

Then, went to the nearest mall to buy some stuffs and rent VCDs again...

As mentioned above, we are having house renovations... so well we are eyeing some stuffs for the house of course particularly the bedroom... and basically here are some of our wishlists:

* LCD tv (either Samsung or LG)
* a very good mattress and linens (of course), beige or brown hues
* lampshades
* blinds
* B-A-G (kasali ba to?) ... hehehe, Yes, I need new one na.. Been ages. Haay :)
* and other stuffs...

Well, we have been saving for Xmas but I guess we need to use the funds first since we are eyeing to have the wishlists above.



Gracie said...

at isama talaga ang bag! :)
is this bedroom of yours sa parents mo or kila Leo?
goodluck with the renovation :)

jzgotlucky said...

wow nice to hear youre planning so many things ahead na.. congrats, preggy na ba? san ang OB mo? hoping for baby boy or girl? kelan due date? renovation, maybe samsung is better if you want a cheaper but good quality