Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Best Things In Life Don't Come With A Price Tag

I should tell this to myself often.

Well, I know we deserve retail therapy once in awhile BUT I guess we have to be more vigilant or should I say practical on the items that we are going to purchase (oh my, LV bag ko).

Last night, after grocery shopping with the husband, I wrote down my expenses (waaah) and start thinking that I should stop relying on my credit cards (yes, with an S since I own 3! - Kainis) and better start saving especially that I am really planning something "big" for next year.

So while thinking and jotting down notes, I concluded -- I will pay one of my cards in full this month (birthday gift for myself) and hopefully by next year, I will be able to pay the other card too in full. That's a nice plan indeed and will just maintain 1 card for emergency purposes (hmmm??? -- LV, hahahaha). Bahala na. Basta that's my goal. I should have done this a long, long time ago when I left the corporate world and got "huge" amount of moolah. BUT well, I am so magastos so credit cards for me are always on the rescue. Hence, since I am thinking too loud this year and for next year, I have to think of a better plan to make my "travel" plans become a reality. And yes, cutting down some debt and expenses is a good start.

I would like also to share with you this article I've read awhile ago and perhaps this is the reason why I came to my senses and realise that hey, better start doing something!

check here:

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Kerslyn said...

go LV, go LV, go! OMG, d kahit siguro mag-ipon ako ng isang taon d pa rin ako makabili ng dream bag ko. kahit nga si Coach d ko mabili-bili eh.

yun nalang hingin mo na gift from hubby sis. :-)