Thursday, November 29, 2007

Health Is Wealth

Last Nov. 15, mom was admitted at MMC due to flu and respiratory problems. At first, we thought that it's only for a three day confinement but the doctors advised for other check-ups before her discharge. Good thing is, all her doctors are specialised in their respective fields not to mention that mom's room is pretty close to a Suite so there's no need to complain if we (the bantays) are comfortably rested.

I just realised that aside from it's really expensive to be admitted/confined (our billing btw is balooning to quarter of a million without the doctors fees), just imagine the anxiety, trauma or how stressful it can be. Oh well..thank God cause her medications are all oral already as of today.
Thus this dilemma gives a lesson for our family -- to always be cautious with our lifestyle!
Afterall, we only have one body to take care of. And yes it reminds me to be aware that I am gaining too much weight, to kick out my vices -- and definitely to use the yoga mat I bought four months ago!

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