Saturday, December 01, 2007

5 Best Nights Of My Life

My Five (5) Best Nights of My life.. Hmmm.. Quite interesting.... and here's my list:

1.) My Debut -->> November 30, 1996.. My biggest party ever! A memorable night to cherish and best gift I've received... Gathered on this party are my family, relatives, friends, and closest family friends.. And would you believe that in most pictures.. Leo is there.. Actually, it was late that we realised that on this social gathering.. my 1st bf is invited.. my present bf then.. and my future bf.. Leo.. twas a whirlwind of events!

2.) 21st Birthday -->> November 30, 1999.. I am officially adult! Mom and my best pal Shaleene were partners in crime to surprise me with this celebration. My college barakada were all present and even my HS friends.. A teary night for me too since all my friends wished the best of everything for me!! Love you guys..

3.) Anniversary --->> January 2, 2003...Our official date as HONEYS!! Actually, it was eve of January 2, 2003.. we were at my pal's place, Mai.. celebrating the New Year... Everything just fall into place I guess but even before this date.. we are so inseperable!

4.) Dianne's Shower Party --->> February 24, 2007 ... I have attended a number of shower parties but Dianne's party was superb... Maybe because we organized it and twas really a labor of love! We hold this event at our place in Makati and even asked permission to Dianne's H2b on this matter... The twist of this party was our two office-friend acted as a gigolo while she was blind-folded.. haha... and instead of acting weird.. we all laugh to death.. it was a also a night of revelation to our two love birds in the house -- Reggie and Lenie (??) and Jeff and Vladie.. oopss.. btw, Vladie said "yes" to Jeff on February 25...

5.) Holiday Vacation --->> October 6-8, 2007 .. Our first vacation together away from family members and relatives but with the company of good friends. It was a 3days/2nights vacation at Boracay.... And yep yep.. we plan to visit the paradise again soon..

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