Thursday, January 17, 2008

Business As Usual

Ever wonder what would our bosses feel if we filed our resignation?? Oh boy, I now know how it feels-- anxious and quite mad :( Sigh.

Today, two of our competent employees will be leaving. Frustrating isnt?!! Both have their own reasons but I guess what bothers me is how to keep the harmony in the group. I definitely know how it feels if my co-worker is resigning. And yes, there's a big part of me too saying, I wanna go as well. These peeps has been with us from the start of our operation and yes I have to admit it.. It's hard to find somebody like them. And did I mention that we need to train and train again.. We are at our peak of our business folks..

As an entrepreneur, I take this as a challenge .. and yes It Is Business As Usual.

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