Friday, January 18, 2008

Things Do Happen

What I felt today is somehow chaos. My brother and I got pissed off when two of our employees fought this morning.. And the other one, walked out. Though, everything is settled, another problem occurred and sad to say our deliveries are already delayed.

By the way, our business is a water refilling station, we are carrying the brand name of Aquabest. Last night, they had a weekly maintenance, changed all the filters and checked the pumps for a good production flow. Since all filters are new, the TDS of the water jumped to 30.. For information also, the TDS of the water that we are drinking should only be 1 to 10.. (TDS is a measurement of how clean the water is). Of course, we cannot sell it to consumers.. In order to achieve the desired TDS, continuous flushing is needed.. thus, this will prolong our production..

Sometimes we should really expect the unexpected!!

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