Friday, February 22, 2008


Last night, I was looking for a vacation hideaway for the coming Holy Week. We have this family tradition, that we (my family), either go out of the country or out of town during this season. But instead of searching for our holiday escapade, I found myself browsing different pages for a Honeymoon galore. Afterall, we don’t have plans yet for this adventure.

So let me share with you guys what I have found:

First in my list is Phuket, Thailand. Wow. The place is breathtaking and heavenly. My mom who had a seminar there last year has so much praises for the place. I know Leo & I will definitely enjoy this! We are both beach lovers and somehow adventure seeker so this would be a perfect destination for us. And if ever this would be our first out of the country trip together. Wow!

Second is Cebu. Was not able to join my office-friends last year when they went to Cebu and Bohol. I was hoping that if we still have enough money, we can have a short vacation before we get married. And if not, I will be very much excited to visit this place for our honeymoon. Checked some hotels too and prices at this time is still okay.. I am tempted to book guys. Let me see!

Third is Hongkong.. Shopping.. Shopping.. and Shopping. When I went to HK two years ago, I did fell in love with this place. I found myself in almost every store and yes swipe my heart out. Good finds and good buys. I love to shop for myself and literally, I did shop to death. So, if ever Leo and I will plan for a HK honeymoon, I bet all we are going to do is shop.. He is addicted to it also….whatchathink??

Oh well, these are all my plans. I need to ask Leo about this. And I hope soon I could earn from blogging. I really plan of having a vacation before Leo and I get married. Hmmm...

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