Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reality Sinks In

I was extremely excited when I saw in my email today that Blogsvertise approved my application. But still, I was put under probationary period since my blog is relatively new. Nevertheless, they will still give me task though at reduced cost. Nt bad afterall, right.

Also, a home based employer emailed me for an Agent job. Of course, I will be working at home but still during wee hours in the morning. But I asked myself if I am really ready for this. I mean, I don’t have a basic pay, just commissions. And knowing how hard to please US and Canadian customers, oh my, I bet I’ll be having a hard time earning. Need to review well this position.


Was just chatting with Peachy earlier regarding blogging, paypal, and being a SAHM. I know it’s too early to plan but hey, after our wedding, for sure I’ll be like other moms here who is going to be a hands-on parent. Which I really like to do. I’ve always said that I’ll be content in taking good care of our kids and my husband and a business on the side (plus of course my allowance).

Yes, we have a business whom I managed together with my brother. But of course, there is no overnight success. We are relatively new in this arena and sometimes I do experience low spirits. But hey, we have a company to run. Better get up and move.

I guess what bothers me is my own earnings. I know Leo will be a very good provider but for the past seven years, I am managing my own finances. I can relatively buy what I want--- splurge, shop, out of towns, and so on. And now, I bet I will be financially dependent on him. Oh well.. I don’t know if this is just a phase… Definitely, I need to be more enterprising… and more mature.. I am facing reality.

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Babette said...

Don't worry about it. I gave up my career when my daughter was born and have been a SAHM for 9 yrs now. Let me tell you, it's all worth it. I handle all the finances and I don't have to ask permission from him to get what I want. You and your fiance need to have a long talk about it, if you haven't had it yet. :)