Thursday, February 07, 2008


Suddenly, I am beginning to get used of Leo being at our place most of the time. He usually sleeps in our home nowadays (with my persistence..) and viola wakes up at 6am, takes a bath and go to work.. Next day, same routine again. He just go to their home to get some things for the next day.. So now, I always wait him for dinners.. (feeling wife na!!). I don’t go down anymore to bid my byes in the morning since I feel so sleepy at 630 am (he eats breakfast at the office..). And truly, I miss him during the day..

Tonight, I’ll be waiting for him again.. I cant wait spending my days everyday with him!


Chant said...

sure just tell me if ur done and I'll do thesame :)

Gracie said...

hmmm...ang bilin sister ha! :)

regards to leo!

Michelle said...

hi girl, got an award for you. :)

sasha said...

Ay ang sweet naman, Andrea! Once upon a time, I was like that din. Unfortunately, it all ended before it even began :( All's well now, though :)

When's the wedding?

Happy weekend!

She {-- pwede makipag-exchange links dito sa new blog ko? :)

t3ss4 said...

Huwaw... kelan kaya kami makakarating dyan :D

sweet feb-ibig talaga :D