Thursday, February 07, 2008

I am a Horse

In leui of Chinese New Year, I have researched the qualities of my chinese zodiac sign and here it goes:

The Horse personality is often willing to give, as well as expect, a lot of liberty. These people are extremely independent and confident. The Horse person is very quick-witted, inquisitive and determined. They are very good at recognizing patterns, and are often on to the thought in another's mind even before the other has expressed it. In general, these people are gifted. They adore being the center of everyone's attention, but they prefer to be recognized for their skills and are easily flattered. On the other hand, these people have an honesty and genuine warmth which attracts lots of people and helps them make new friends. People generally confide in a Horse person because he/she is sincerely interested in their thoughts and feelings and is able to help with both wise words and an action. However, there is a small problem about it: the horse person is so excited by new discoveries that it is difficult for them to keep a secret. This is not something that arises out of malice or revenge; sometimes they just cannot help themselves.
It is easy to inspire such a person by new ideas and he/she tends to act on them without delay, carried away by the excitement of the moment. But it is also important to remember that there is a danger for a Horse person to be too impulsive and it may cause some problems in the future. And if they do not see the result of their efforts, it is rather natural for them to turn their attention to a new project and head off once again, brimming with new ideas. The Horse person is always ready to offer good advice and can be very persuasive, but his/her confident and carefree approach hides inner doubts. Those who know such a person will recognize this, and offer the support and reassurance he/she needs. A person that is born in any of the Years of the Horse is considered as a charming, suave person to a member of the opposite sex.

Horses should beware of the Rat, as any relationship with this sign is said to be extremely trying for the horse. Of all relationships between Chinese zodiac signs, a relationship between a Rat and a Horse is said to be the worst. The Rat may just be too calculating, dictatorial and possessive for the free-spirited and independent horse. A relationship with a Rat can potentially break down the Horse's spirit and cause rage in the rat; neither will be willing to yield to the other. Rats and Horses will attract each other like no other, though. Male Horses, especially, will find the female Rat irresistible. Though they always bring out the worst in each other. However, Horses get along great with Tigers and Dogs.

Possible professions for people that are born on the Year of the Horse are that of a journalist, engineer, architect, a writer/novelist, an actor or a model.


Earth Horses are able to see situations from all angles and corners. They are relatively easygoing, preferring to determine each pro and con before making a final decision. Earth Horses work hard to accomplish goals they have set and would rather take longer to do an outstanding job than to work shorter and shave a little quality. They have great senses of humor and are extremely adaptable in most instances.

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