Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sigh :(

This afternoon, hubby and I visited a couturier that was referred by my coordinator.. Actually, I was having second thoughts on visiting him ‘coz when I inquired (thru sms), he responded layo pa naman pala ng wedding mo”. Somehow I am quite disappointed.. But still I insisted on meeting him to at least know what’s in him and he is very well recommended by my OTD..

I was not disappointed though.. coz he is clever, straightforward and funny BUT (yes I big BUT) he charges so much with ento gowns… And definitely it will going to eat up our budget.. And hubby is not recommending him.. Sayang!!


I really feel bad.. not because we weren’t able to get the services of the recent supplier we visited. It’s just that planning a wedding can sometimes be a headache.. I know that we can do this… this is the start and we have years to count, right.. I just need patience and patience and more patience!


t3ss4 said...

Hi Andrea :) thanks so much for droppin' by the other day.

you're getting married? wow...

don't worry, everything is going to be fine. planning and choosing what "should be" for your wedding is quite hard. even though I haven't been there yet (I just think it's hard 'coz I've helped my parents plan and choose stuffs for our new built home), I just know. it's a good thing that you are planning ahead of time.

just enjoy picking the right designs, colors, styles for give-aways... invitations... it's your wedding, the things you both love should represent it. that'll be wonderful. just think of the outcome of the wedding. and surely, it's a time to get to know your husband more in terms of planning and choosing things.

hope you'll have a wonderful day ^__^ take care :)

Ivy Sterling said...

Hi Andrea, jsut paying u a visit here, hows everything doing for u?