Monday, March 17, 2008


Like what I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I am a beginner in blog marketing. I never thought that aside from you can monetize your blog, this can be so addicting. Creating a new post is like writing on a traditional dairy. Admittedly, this has become my therapy.

So what is the latest buzz in the blogging world? At this point, for sure everyone has heard about Snapbomb. I chance upon this site while hopping at my fellow blogmate's journal. This caught my attention because their system can calculate the base value of one’s site. This must be the reason that after signing up, you don’t need to wait 24 or 72 hours for approval to become a member officially. In fact, there’s already opportunity waiting for you upon logging in. Snapbomb is definitely a bomb!

The only downside is you need to wait for 60 days from the time you created your account before you can get paid and the minimum withdrawal is $25. Shopping will just take a back seat first but the good news is your earnings at Snapbomb will serve as your savings. That's even better!

Lets keep the ball rolling and earn more money!

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