Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good Mawning!!

It’s nice to wake up early and still enjoy the morning sun. Afterall, my “so called” office is in our terrace. Went to bed at 1030 pm after packing for our Holy Week trip. And viola, I had a good night sleep plus of course I was able to kiss my honey before he goes to work.... This will keep me going the whole day. I was a bit sluggish yesterday because I slept really late the other night. It’s not good either.. I still have pending opps to finish by the way.. For the meantime, I will just do my rounds first, check my mails and my other sites.. Be back..

1 comment:

sasha said...

Ay naku, it's hard when you are puyat talaga, sis. Ganyan ako lagi, sluggish in the morning. Kaya for a change, ilang araw na akong maagang natutulog :)

Uy goodluck sa vacation trip niyo ni honey mo. Photos and kwento ha! I would really like to take the whole family to Bohol eh. Kaya lahat ng info na pwedeng makuha, kinukuha ko na :)

Have a nice day!