Tuesday, March 18, 2008


My honey is dying to have one. He is so in love with the items.. I hope I could just tell him “cge bili ka na” but it’s kinda pricey. Imagine a cargo shorts at P3200?? Oh well, I know for sure he is going to use his approach again -- we will keep on dropping by at Stoked Inc (carries Billabong items) until I finally say.. “o cge na nga”. That was his method before so I could allow him to buy his cravings --Tag watch and Oakley shades. But these two items are different, they are so valuable. Well, not this time honey. Gotta save for our wedding expenses.

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Anonymous said...

I too love Billabong (and Roxy) items!! It is pricey though... But you know what, it's a lot cheaper in the states. *sigh* saw their luggage there, it's at $80-100 while here it's around Php 7-8000.