Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All Aboard

I am definitely excited for our trip. Our first stop is in Cebu.. Mom told me to search the historic landmarks, grabeh ang dami pala.. I wonder if we could visit all these in one day. Of course, we need to buy pasalubongs pa. Anyways, I printed out the places to visit in case we need one. Hopefully, we could have an island sunset cruise also. Ganda nya diba. I want to test our camera for this. What's great about this vacation is it is all expense paid by my parents. Sarap!! But of course, I'll bring cash for my personal damages.. Will buy pasalubong for my brother, my honey, our ever trusted Ate Linda, Aling Elvie, our boys in the shop.. Cant hardly wait! And yes, I am soo ready..


Anonymous said...

Happy trip!!!

If you're into accessories, there's this street in cebu city (forgot the name but I think it's near Magellan's cross) they sell really cheap beaded bracelets and necklaces. Just ask the cab drivers, I'm pretty sure they know where that is.

Oh and don't forget to try the famous cebu lechon! (yummy!)

carol said...

Hi! Just blog hopping. I have not been to Cebu but your mom is right. My sister said the place is beautiful. You should try Samal Island also. I've been there many times and it is heavenly.