Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Don't Know

Exactly. My heart would like to scream and yell. Not because I had a big fight with Leo or with someone else BUT well... I just cant say. At long last, I got the confirmation from him but sadly... the beginning has come to an end.. For some reasons though.. still I am mad.. Actually, I dont know the right words... who's fault it anyway? I dont know.. Of course, both of them.. But then again, when we had a chit chat earlier, I feel for his loss and partly I know I am selfish. He is absolutely right? But then again, I felt it wasnt the right time.. Everyone is expecting from him.. In the end, I know he needs support.. Yes, I am willing.... Perhaps, situations like this makes him really sad.. I know he's struggling.. I can see it.. That's why you cant blame me to hate her.... In time, I can forgive her but still... it isnt her fault.. I just hate this feeling... On the other hand, I am happy to see that he has grown... Ready to face the complexities of life! Man enough.. Whatever it is... I'll support him all throughout however, let me tell you that I am not ready to see her yet..There's always time for everything... I know it's been hard.. I can feel it!

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