Saturday, May 24, 2008

He's 30 already

Yesterday was husband-to-be's birthday. I already knew that we were not going to be together on his special day since he will be celebrating with some close friends and I will be working from 11pm until Saturday morning. So we had a pre-celebration instead, Thursday evening. Nothing extravagant but I should say it was our time to bond before the weekend and somehow a little chit chat about everything. We went home early also since I need to be at work. By 12 midnight (May 24), I greeted him with a big kiss and hug. Well, knowing Leo he doesnt want to be bothered while sleeping. So as expected, I received a dull response of "thank you". By 5am, as usual (during my break), I cooked a special breakfast for the both of us. At least in my own special way, I was able to spend his big day with him. Really looking forward to spending our birthdays forever until our hair becomes gray! Love you honey...

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