Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lots Of Things To Talk About

It's been awhile since my last post.. Oh well.. Got a lot of kwentos to share and blog about..

First, got my new laptop. Courtesy of mom of course but will pay her thru my earnings (blogging perhaps).
Second, got my WILL YOU BE CARDS and ready for distribution. Will have our STD's be printed as well so we could give it to our principal sponsors.. (which reminds me that Leo & I need to discuss this already, I mean finalize everything).
Third, got a full-time home based job! Yes.. It's not a scam. In fact, I have a contract and started doing it last May 8 (well, that keeps me busy talaga).
Fourth, attend to my wedding details.. Naku, I am not OC pero maarte ako, thus it counts?
Fifth, turn over some workload to my brother with regard to our business transactions.
Sixth, ORGANIZE.. This should be done immediately.

Well, so far this is it.. I'll be coming back for more and of course blog hop..


Mike said...

Ate Andrea! May blog ka rin pala haha! And wow kakasal na!

Goodluck! Ako rin hopefully by 2009 :) Pengeng advice sa preparations ha!

kers_lyn said...

anong home-based job yan sis? online ba?