Friday, May 02, 2008

Months To Go..

I honestly cannot believe that we have months to go before our big day.. I dont know exactly how many days but since it's the 2nd day of May.. and if I am not going to include it in my counting.. we have six (6) months to go. Kinda excited and scared at the same time.. So far, I should say that we have accomplished a lot.. We have booked the major suppliers so far..

* Still looking for invitation suppliers though we have visited GA Printing already.. Just waiting for the final quotation from Ms. Marge. And my friend Vladie is recommeding another printing press that will meet our budget. She's a bride too anyways.
* Got to book our florist for the event. We have scouted Dangwa and yes we found the "astig" one who could do my dream bouquet. It will be very traditional but with a modern twist..
* Go back to Imperial Palace for our hotel needs. I have the rates last February and I just hope that rates are still the same. We might need 2 big rooms for 3 to 2 days.. I dont know yet.
* Finalize our souvenirs.. Oh well, still undecided but I want a personal souvenirs that will both reflect our personalities.. I have one in mind and Leo is approving it..
* Prepare the necessary documents for the wedding..
* Do-It-Yourself Projects --- oh my!! I hope Leo could help me with this. I just need to think what I can do and not to do.
* Review the missalete I got from my fellow
* Scout for my bridal shoes
* Find a reputable barong or suit maker (either of the two)

It's still a long, long way but like any brides.. I just want to be relaxed and not be pressured with the preps. Since I have lots of time, I'll definitely make a checklist..

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