Friday, May 02, 2008

Our Weekend Getaway

Last Sunday, April 24, we (honey & I) together with my SMC friends went to Caylabne for a much needed feel of the summer heat.. We had a day tour only.. The funny this is.. we were planning to go here during our SMC days pa.. Natuloy din sa wakas after two years of planning... Kudos to Vladie!

Caylabne is located at Cavite. The place is quiet and serene. Perfect for group kada getaway if you have a limited budget. Though I have to warn you, the food is quite expensive. Caylabne offers water sports activity, but we didnt bother to try anything.. cguro kze we had a blast when we were at Bora last October (same people except Lenie & Elaine, Cj's gf). We just decided to have a cruise instead though it was an hour only. The rest was swimming, chickahan, at anu pa.. picture takings.. Here are some pics...

daytour @ Caylabe

*the cruise..

*Caylabne's beach..

(from L-R: honey, andrea, jeff, vladie, lenie, elaine & cj)

(accdg to Vladie, who is in Puerto as of this writing, mas malinis pa raw ang Caylabne compared to Puerto)

*on our way home



E-Tavasi said...

wow..nice photo :D
looks fun..

oh..please update my link with

Cielo said...

once in a while we need sometime together with our special someone to commune with nature and what better to do it then with our mahal