Friday, June 27, 2008

Smart Bro's Service

If you are a Smart Bro subscriber, I am pretty sure you have experienced a very bad service connection after typhoon Frank hit Manila. Actually, I've been ranting about their service prior to Frank's visit but there customer support or support group is not helping. Kainis!! Imagine I had 20 report numbers because of the poor service. Got to think that -- they are nation's widest daw.. I just hope that they could offer more than what is advertised right.. hello... client po me :(

And so to stop this agony coz this really bothers me (my work as a VA needs a good DSL connection and i am not only using and brwosing some web pages but i am also using voip), I went to our place in makati instead. I still reported their bad or should I say very poor service and it was only on June 26 that technical peeps went to our house to check my antenna. Goodness!!

I am now in search for a good DSL connection in our home in Nova.. and hopefully before the end of July, we can have a new connection that has better service than Smart Bro. Sorry guys!

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