Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

When you sleep in the wee hours of the morning and woke up becuase someone bothered you, the end result is STRESS! I must say that upon waking up, I encountered domesticated problems and through out the afternoon my day is already a big mess.. And of all the days.. Monday pa .. start of the week.. really bad timing!

But then, I went out and do some errands and after which met my SMC friends at Shangri-la Starbucks to have a chit-chat and yes to give my STD and WILL YOU BE cards.. And viola, I was somehow relieved. I was laughing all along saying my antics and listening to them as well. Hmm.. Somehow, the stress I felt was gone.. Have I known about it earlier, I should have meet all my close buds and yes, burn the lights while laughing out so loud... When we parted ways, I must admit that I am all smiles even though I had a hard time connecting thru the web (yes, Smart Bro really sucks). Well, somehow I am little-bit stress free already! Not costly and even had wonderful time before going online for work!

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