Saturday, July 26, 2008

Movie Dates

This week we had a luxury of watching two movies, Dark Knight and Wanted. Though honey and I prefer the latter, it was somehow our escape to our wedding preps and work.. It's a good thing also that every Mondays, Leo could go home early (as in early) that's why he can accompany me to my grocery shopping. And since we had more time this Monday, we were able to squeeze in a movie date. We actually cannot remember the last movie we've watched. Yes, it's months ago already.. But anyways, it was really a nice theraphy (aside from massage and shopping of course!) though I must say that we are kinda not satisfied with Dark Knight. Oooppss... Sowee!! And since, I accompanied him yesterday in buying his tires (he got a huge discount -- thank you to my friend Rose, who works in a car magazine), he treated me and watched Angelina Jolie's Wanted.. Can I just say that she's is simply Amazing..

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storybookmommy said...

Hi!I dressed up at Century Imperial hotel at T. Morato. It's the nearest to Carmel, and I think they have bigger rooms than Rembrandt (or better deals, I don't recall anymore). At the time, almost six yeas ago (goodness ang tagal na!), the facilities were rather new pa. We checked in there again just last year, maayos pa rin naman yung rooms though the building looks kinda old na from outside. =)