Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Make Up Essentials

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I am forever a fan of makeup products may it be local or international brands. From time to time, I love to experiment with other available brands in the market and if it doesn't harm my skin at all, I will definitely recommend it to my girl friends..

Here are my favorite brands and must haves too!!

1. MaxFactor Facefinity Compact Foundation SPF 15 in Sand
When my mom started buying MaxFactor products, I was intrigued by her sudden change of brand. In 2004, I bought my first MaxFactor Facefinity Compact Foundation and it is so far the best product I have in my kikay kit. And because it has SPF 15, I am confident that I am protected from the harsh sun rays. Best of all, I don’t need to apply every now and then and yet you are still looking fresh and fabulous. The perfect everyday foundation that protects and hydrate the skin and leaves a resistant and flawless finish.

2) MaxFactor Panstik in Bisque Ivory
Working in a different time zone takes a toll in your skin. Plus dark circles under the eyes can be very visible. I, myself tried a lot of concealers in the past since I had my breakouts in 2005. I was unhappy with the products I bought that’s why when it’s time for me to purchase a new concealer, I didn’t think twice and invest and yes indulge a little on MaxFactor’s Panstik. Its rich, creamy texture glides easily and creates a perfect dewy canvas for a great everyday foundation look.

3) Body Shop’s Cheek Color
I cannot leave the house without a blush. I want something that is lightweight and ultra fine, but still offers a natural-looking color with a super-smooth finish. And since it comes in small sizes, it is easy to bring it even on small purses. It has a variety of colors as well.

4) Lipstick
I am a sucker of lipstick! My colors varies from red, red-pink, orange, and bronze. So far, my favorite brands are MaxFactor, Avon, and Dior.

5) Max Factor Silk Gloss in Starwberry Frost
The ultimate 3 in 1 lip fix! Incredible high shine finish of a lip gloss, making your lips look gorgeous and glossy.

6) Nivea Lip Care in Sweet Melon
I've been using this since HS and I just love it! Instant lip shine at a cheap cost..Ready for a Kiss…

7) Make Up Tools

*ShiSheido Eye Lash Curler

When I decided to invest on my eye lash curler, the first thing that comes to my mind was Shu Uemura's. I know for the fact that everyone is recommending this product but did you know that most professional makeup artist are using ShiSheido's. In fact, when I asked my HMUA (for my wedding) what brand she uses, she said ShiSheido and it is much better than Shu she said... I am super satisfied with this beauty tool.

* Body Shop Retractable Blusher Brush

A portable elegant, high quality make-up brush, designed with just the right shape and proportions. I call this my all-in-one brush since I can use it for powder, cheek color, and shimmer.

* Brow Brush

Generic brow brush is a must have for me.

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