Thursday, July 31, 2008

No Energy

As of this writing, I am still in state of shock.. Maybe because for the past three days we have experienced something out-of-the-ordinary.. Here it goes...


Come Monday evening, I asked my brother why the delivery van for our pet bottles havent arrived yet. Knowing their route, usually the van comes home at 6pm. At 11pm which is so unusual already.. my brother asked Leo to accompany him in searching. You see, we are not only worried of the van but of course with our workers.. Can it be a carnapping incident or they took away the van.. either the two.. when it was 1am already and about to go back home and proceed to police station, I asked my brother to fetch me up so I could accompany them. I am so worried also and couldnt focus with my work... I asked permission to my PM and will resume work by 2-3am.

We then dropped by first at the driver's in-laws haws, we live in the same village. They, too, havent received any calls from our driver.. My brother was then worried of what is happening.. He already thought that it's a carnap incident. It never crossed his mind that our driver might go somewhere else and partied hard coz he knew "daw" the driver. He was on denial.

At 2am, we were about to go to the police station.. I got all the necessary information.. the van came.. oh yes (take note: the driver never went to our home first -- something fishy right). So when he came out the van .. he said "kuya Mon, naka hit and run kame".. I said "what".. They said they hid from the police and stayed at his cousin's house in fairview.. I said "bat hindi nyo binabaan.. hot car na nagun yan"... and we heard a lot of alibi.. My brother just said, "bukas na lang tayo magusap"...

The next day... the driver and the pahinante came... Good thing, my work was finished already so I came down and joined them to know first hand what happenned... Here it goes:

Bro: anu ang nangyari Mac & Alfie (Mac -- Driver, Alfie -- pahinante)
M: un nga po kuya hit & run
B: hit and run, alam mu ba ibig sabihin ng hit and run? hot car na yan
M: un nga po kuya eh... (he keeps on saying that!)
So, I literally punched his face and said ... hindi ka magsasabi ng totoo... while Alfie is just staring..

B: Alfie, anung nangyari?
A: un nga po...
Me: So walang magsasabi ng totoo sa inyo ah (sabay sapak at tadyak to both of them)..
OO ako ung taga sapak at brutal sa kanila.. I am so MAD talaga..

A: 'Tol sabihin na kze natin.. so Alfie was the one who told the truth
M: pero naka hit and run po kame
B: ung totoo
A: hindi po.. sinabi po nuong pinsan nya na un po ang sabihin
Me: saying bad words... sabay tadyak at sapak to Mac (take note: nobody held me or said tama na yan.. though my bro was saying tama na pero after I did the deed).

To make the story short: They had a drinking session at his cousins place. Though Alfie was insisting to go home already, the driver said.. "akong bahala, malakas ako kay kuya". It was only when Alfie got the key, and insisted to go home, that's why they went home. Or else, they will be going home the next day. The worst is.. the van was so damaged.. The cartons were all over the place and we also saw a condom in the van.. Bad right..


Yesterday morning, my brother gave me a call, and said that he will pick me up since Mac & Alfie is in the shop to talk things over.. The drama driver was already saying sorry of what had happened and I just said that I cannot forgive you. That's It.

So my brother and I went home, and it's time for me to go to hit the sack as well.


I actually had a bad dream in the afternoon... I seldom have dreams but whenever I dreamt of something, somehow it is happening or it will happen.. I just ignore it since Leo texted me and asked me if I wanted something for a pasalubong.. Supposedly they have a basketball game in Marikina but it was postponed.

While watching news, my mom called me up and said:

Mom: Rhee, nanakawan tayo (referring to our condo in Makati)
Me: What... anu nakuha, tv?
Mom: No lahat ng jewelries ko and watches ng papa mo.. plus digicam
Me: Ha, papano?? Anu ginawa
Mom: Sinira ung pinto.. As in zero ako
Me: Okay.. Sino kasama mo dyan?
Mom: Ung mga security guard
Me: Okay... cge... (Dad was calling too and he said to me that he is on his way home and just tell my mom to stay calm).
Me: Ma, on the way na si papa..

(side kwento: my parents live in a condo in Makati since we live in far away Novaliches. They go home every Friday nights and go back Sunday afternoon).

While having dinner, my dad called and said to buy a new lock for the haws as they really need new one. My dad asked me to call Mon if he can come to Makati and my tito as well... So I called my brother in the shop and asked him if he is about to close..

Me: Mon, magsasara ka na?
Mon: Naku, hindi pa?
Me: Alam mo ba nangyari sa Makati
Mon: Hindi .. ANo?
Me: Telling him the story....
Mon: Naku, hindi pa me makakaalis dito.. Nasira ung pump and makina kanina.. Ngaun palang inaayos ung delivery
Me: Okay

Called my dad and told him that Mon wont be available... My dad asked if Leo is in the haws and I said yes and just said if it's possible for Leo to come and I said cge..

Told Leo about it and he said, kame na lang sa shop.. I said No, that's kinda hard and I am not aware of how to run it now.. We need to buy a new lock... And just said Ok.. (It was a blessing also that Leo's basketball game was postponed..)

Me, my tito and Leo went to Robinsons to buy new locks.. Mas mahal cguro mas matibay I said. The store boys helped us also in choosing one... Afterwhich, we went to Makati already..

At the condo, I saw that there is a guard infront of our unit.. My dad was oustide and mom just had showered.. I went to her and asked what happenned... She said that she lost everything.. She actually account all the jewelries and yes I saw that "lahat wala na talaga". The jewelry box was empty. Good thing, she is wearing her Rado watch and her diamond earrings and ring BUT my dad's two Rado watch was gone as well and a digi cam too plus extra battery and cords and the SD card that still has pictures in it.

My dad is still calm then the usual bad side of me interrogated the guard..

Me: Ang mahal ng association dues dito ah, walang security..
G: Hindi naman po namin alam
Me: Hindi nyo alam.. Inside job to
G: Oo nga po eh..
Me: Panggabi ka ba? Bat hindi kase magtrabaho ng husto.. Magkakasabwat kayong lahat..

My mom fell asleep already.. And yes I know and I can feel that she is somehow depressed.. Mostly the jewelries that were robbed were gifts of dad and some of them was bought in Saudi (during my dad’s stint there years ago). And my mom is always investing on good finds.. so literally.. yes everything is gone..

Story: Two guards saw that our door was in bad condition at 545pm but they only reported it at 7pm..

At the police station.. we were told that a lot of tenants were being robbed in Palm Towers (condo’s name). July 19 was infact the last reported incident wherein a Japanese national took a holiday and when he came home, his valuables like jewelries are all gone. He only informed his broker about his holiday and when the police invited the broker to the station, he never showed up.. So you is an inside job right.. and it’s somehow sad coz we are not just tenants or renting a unit but we are unit owners.

Spoke with my mom this afternoon and she went to the administration and was so furious about it. She questioned everything and asked for the action plan within 24 hours or else they will be all subject for investigation.. which is much better and I really urge my mom to really complain the admin.. We have the right to do it.

You see when the incident happened, only security guards were there. The management never showed up.


They say that misery comes in three. But I am hoping and praying that this is the last. We have poured all our energies to this two incident and we actually need to recover fast. God is still great! He never allowed something bad to happen to us (my family).

When we hit the sack this morning, I just hugged honey and keep on praying. I prayed for my loved ones and for the very first time, I was scared. I wanted to cry but there were no tears..


cielo said...

naku sis, i feel for you, nakaka inis talaga yang ganyang predicament, yung pusoy na humihirit pa.

i hope that the unlucky streak will be over....

take care♥♥♥

Gracie said...

my gosh, drea! i'm so shocked with your news. i'm just relieved to know that none of your family is hurt. i'm so sorry to hear about Ninong & Ninang's lost valuables, but at least nare-replace naman yun, di ba? i can't imagine if the robbery happened while they were in the unit.

i really hope wala nang mangyayari after this.

take care & keep safe.

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michy said...

I'm sorry to hear about what happened. I hope things are better now...