Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Battle Over Weight

I was reading Valerie's post on weight lost (which is so interesting by-the-way) since I need help on this before my first gown fitting on Sunday. Haayy.. I hate gaining too much weight.. It's so sad also that my metabolism is too ssslow and yes I admit that I dont have enough activity too..

But anyway, how can you control your food intake if your husband-to-be is a food lover or lets say loves to eat most of the time. When we were still on our early days of our courtship, of course, I didnt realise that he eats too much (he stands 5'9 and is engaged to a LOT of activities so I guess he doesnt gain weight too much unlike me) plus we have other activities back then and at the same time I am in sales job so tripping to clients is my form of exercise already.

Five years ago, I dont weigh this much! And now, I badly need to lose weight for my big day.. My plan was... well,, I started eating small servings so I could naman enjoy life as well. I am just a sucker for sweets and that's really hard to resist.. And for this week, I bought fruits -- grapefruit and papaya for my meal.. Let me see if I can stand it.. On the other hand, since breakfast is our only bonding time before he goes to work.. I guess I should not deprive myself and join him for breakfast. Also, since my ipod is loaded with some dance songs, I a little dancing move wont hurt either!!

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Wapsicle said...

Hey thanks for the plug. Hehe! Touched ako. My gosh super hard talaga pumayat! Waaa!! I'm doing hiphop abs right now (well, I try to..LOL!) and it really makes me sweat buckets after. Kahit di ko matapos ang buong program. Hehe! Try it!

--this is Val by the way (my 4th blog) teehee!