Sunday, July 06, 2008

My Time

Eversince Leo and I planned for our wedding, our weekends are always spent together for supplier huntings, meeting a couple of friends, to unwind, food getaways, and so much more. But this weekend, since he is in Bicol for a couple of days ( to pay respect to his ailing grandfather), I dont have any choice but to stay at home -- click on the pc and yes, nothing extra special.

I would really want to hit the mall and buy some stuff for myself but hey, I am so "tamad". And so, instead of spending bucks of money outside, I just stayed home and yes -- have fun in the house, pamper myself, and most of all, organize a lot of things.. Somehow, this is my ME time. I can blog for hours, and even chat with friends on the phone for hours which I will do in awhile, reflect on some things -- gosh, I need a massage (which I will indulge tom), and eat eat ice cream ... (craving for jollibee delivery). Somehow, my weekends are preoccupied with so many things BUT I guess what I am missing here is that "my honey" is not around.

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cielo said...

Blogging is also my ME time ♥♥♥