Wednesday, July 16, 2008

To Blog More

I never thought that blogging can make you earn not until I had my first share of blogging money. Through word of mouth from blogging friends, I found Payperpost which will help me to earn more while doing what I love best, writing!

Eversince I started my blog adventures, friends advise me to sign up with this
site and said to myself that I will eventually or after I have maintained a couple of articles here in my blog. I thought my blog will take some time to get its approval but I was wrong. After signing up, I got my approval within 24 hours. I guess it will also help that at least you maintain great write-ups in your site not just merely few sentences. It is also best to read their rules so at least, you'll have an idea of what to expect and not to expect.

So now I will definitely have more money for our wedding expenses and I guess it won't hurt if I will splurge some of my earnings in other things as well. Right! Of course, girls love shopping and sometimes it's nice to buy something special for yourself especially if it’s a hard-earned money. Thank you

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