Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Of A Shopper

Do you think men are more vain than women? Or they are more brand conscious than us girls?

Met honey at the nearest mall in our place instead of bringing the car (talking about gas expense now). On our way home, I suddenly realize where did he place the cake for our "ate linda"... and so I checked the backseat and guess what??? Yes,, he is more of a shopper. Two weeks ago, he bought Lacoste shoes and Oakley shades (my approval). And now.. Oh well, he bought again a Lacoste Polo Shirt (sport edition) and a pair of Levis pants. I was in awe when I saw his purchases cause why on earth he keeps on buying those things.. I didnt utter any word and he just said "last na to". Who am I to complain :( It isn't my money anyways.. I just said okay and informed him that we have a wedding to prepare so better save our pennies and other energies.

On the other hand, I still commend him cause before purchasing those stuffs, he already gave me his monthly share for our wedding expenses. It's just that, we have barely five months to go and there are still other things that we need to accomplish and yes, Pay!

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