Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are We?

How would you know if we are close?? Hmm..

Well, there’s no better way to answer that but my closest friends I guess.. Anyways, since we are preparing for the wedding, we would like to receive gifts either a contribution to our wedding expenses or monetary gifts so we could choose the best gift that suits our personality. But nevertheless, to attend to our wedding particularly in the ceremony is already a big gift.

Yesterday, my good friend, Rose texted me if I have checked out party pics live? Texted her back and told her that I will check later. I wasn’t able to check her other messages since my phone went empty and was still at the grocery then. The only time that I charged my phone was at 10pm so I didn’t get the chance to text her back.

When I try out the site she was telling me.. I am giggling. I never thought that my friend will search something like this and to think that she is pregnant! Well, she asked me if I could find two more friends so they could share this as a wedding gift.. So, do I really want this… Hmm.. Why not if it’s free!! My dilemma.. will I tell my other friends about it? Hahaah.. My two girl friends in college (who knows me very well) will be giving me a relaxation package so I am left with … I dunno… Hehe.. Kinda shy to ask I guess!

Still, I am very thankful for my friend who thought about this! Yes, she knows me very WELL.

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