Wednesday, August 27, 2008

.. We Celebrated

I was suppossed to blog this a week ago but since I got so busy last week, I failed to post this!

I have blog about my parent's anniversary here few days ago. Of course, we did celebrate their big day! As usual, we had dinner. Mom reserved a table for six (6) at Saisaki, 7pm.. I actually can't rememeber the last time we ate here. I guess that would be five years ago already so when my mom reserved this for resto, got a big smile on my face.. Love japanese!
Aside from me.. the big boys are happy too (dad, my bro and Leo). Leo had three rounds for main course before giving up and go for desert. Oh well, I know his capacity. As for me, I just had a little of everything. Of course, I cannot pass strawberry ice cream for desert, my ultimate favorite. And since five of us ordered refillable ice tea, we got home 5 teddy bears in different colors...

After our BIG meal.. we are then prepared for more laughs.. I actually suggested that we go for ballroom dancing since my parents has been hitting the dance floor lately and of course it's the best way to loosen up. But then, we couldnt find a place in QC area so instead we hit the comedy bar, Klownz.

I have been to different comedy bars and the last time we watched this kind of show, we ( was with my parents too then) were kinda frustrated.. So I said myself, what is the difference.. EB (Eat Bulaga) performers? Duh! But to my delight, there is really BIG difference! Though of course, there are still some "gritty nitty" words that you hear every now and then, their act is "professional". And even my parents were satisfied with their performances.

I am not a Wally & Jose fanatic. But that night, they rocked the house and I become a fan literally!

We went home all smiles at 330 am!

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TanyaJane said...

ohhh i miss this two funny guys miss watching them im a fan of them lol