Monday, August 18, 2008


…Mine was great!

After are “so-called “ tampuhan, I finally realize that we shouldn’t fight over small things..Though I have to admit that I plan not to make the first move, it won’t do good for both of us right? So after our mass last Sunday, I finally put the nerve of making the first move.. after all, we both need to adjust to our personalities. And I was much happier..

We will be meeting a lot of suppliers, ninongs and ninangs starting next week. Hopefully we could watch the performance of our wedding band this coming month..We better need to sit down and talk. I hope we could squeeze it in our schedule.
My blog money haven’t arrive yet! Kainis. Hopefully this week I’ll be able to get it. Need it badly
My friend who will be getting married on Jan 2, 2009 has scheduled our measurement taking this coming Sunday, Aug. 24. Yes, I am one of her secondary sponsors..

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